Poison Paradise

Poison Paradise

28th October 2022 0 By danyx119

Some days we look after sexy gay blogs in order to share it with you some of its more awesome contents

The sexy blog of the day is Poison Paradise


Alex Sewall | By: @horaciohamlet
Nick Sandell
Happy Birthday, Jeff Allen! We sincerely hope you do not get any shirts for your birthday ;)
Instagram: jefe004
Ning Zetao
Congrats Chris Mears and Jack Laugher on winning Gold in the Men’s 3m Synchro! ;)
Chris Mears was given just a five per cent chance of survival after he required life-saving surgery (glandular fever and ruptured spleen) during a youth diving competition in Australia in January 2009, and even after survival he thought he would...
Amadeo Leandro | By Wong Sim

Hunter Thompson by Jon Wong for Vanity Teen
Exclusive: Striking Visuals by Lensman Ted Sun – Featuring Alex Valley
Exclusive: Striking Visuals by Lensman Ted Sun – Featuring Alex Valley
Maverick McConnell by Davis Bates
Alex Kuzjomkin
Hans Weiser | By: Wong Sim
Patrick Clayton | By: Adam Raphael
Brighton Reinhardt | By: August Reinhardt
“ Happy Birthday to Jordie Caskey! Awesome model, great friend, all around amazing human. Cheers, bud!
(Photo by: AJ Ford)
Maverick McConnell
Photo by: Adam Raphael
Troy Pes
Our favorite Denver native, Maverick McConnell is also a talented budding photographer. Follow him here
Carson Aldridge | By: Jon Malinowski
Jaden Smith
Klaus Gripp | by: Beto Urbano
Coitus Online
Corey Turner | By: Wong Sim
Jordan Woods | By: Joem Bayawa
Troy Pes
Vincent Kowalski by Joseph Lally
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“ maverickm85: Because I never post anything smiley 😬 #Cheeeeese
Sergio Carvajal
Max Emerson
Leif Erik | By: Jarred Matthew
Franky Cammarata
More men in underwear on our #Underwear tag
Leif Erik Offerdahl | By: Thomas Synnamon
“Blake Schwimer by @brianjamie
“ adigill90: Time to get in the shower and wake myself up before a late evening leg blast!
Adi Gillespie
Maverick McConnell is an Angel and a Devil
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Alex Mapeli
🌵 Cacti and Calvins 🌵
Patrick Clayton by Rick Day for Pump!
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Rest in peace, Max Silberman. Not just a great model, but a great person. Loved by many, and gone too soon.
“Tolerance is key” tattooed across his chest. A phrase he lived by. A man as beautiful on the inside as on the outside. You will be missed...
Judd Robert by @brianjamie​
Follow Judd on Instagram: juddrobert_
“ Bruno Peixoto | By: Lucio Luna
Calle Hansson | By: @wongsim
“Austin Victoria | By: Joseph Sinclair
“Nate Niehaus (Wilhelmina) | By: Elias Tahan