Wet 2: Heatwave | Part Two : Josh Brady, Garrett Kinsley, Silas Brooks

Wet 2: Heatwave | Part Two : Josh Brady, Garrett Kinsley, Silas Brooks

22nd August 2022 0 By danyx119
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Get ready to get drenched in dick with Part Two of Wet 2! When we last left the roommates, they were getting VERY comfortable at a cushy house sitting gig. Today, it’s party time! Seth Peterson invites a bunch of beautiful boys over for a pornstar pool party! Silas Brooks is hangin’ out on the sidelines, and the guys are NOT having that! They splash and plunge sexy Silas into the pool. Our boy goes inside to change out of his wet clothes and gets two sets of helping hands from hotties Josh Brady and Garrett Kinsley. Kinsley plants an “I’m sorry” kiss on Silas soaking wet lips. Not wanting to be left out of the fun, Josh jumps in, and soon enough the thick dicked thrupple are getting down to some delicious trouble!

The two smaller twinks take turns on Brady’s beefy boner before Brooks gets spit roasted by the tasty two. For his ass bangin’ encore, Josh gets the two guys next to one another on all fours, then goes back and forth, tearing into both boy’s hungry holes. We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention that Kinsley is REALLY coming into his own as a performer, dishing out demands and delicious dirty talk that’ll make you drool!

After Brady delivers the dual dicking, Kinsley hops on Silas’ huge hog and takes the big rig for a ride. He manages to muster up a super hot “thank you” to Josh during one of his mouth’s free moments. After, top dawg Brady gets back to beating up Brooks’ butt hole while the boy beats his massive meat to completion! The load is extra large, and splatters across the entire side of Silas’ tight stomach. Brady is next to blow. He blasts Brooks’ cheeks and ass crack with buckets of fresh cream, causing a chain reaction in Kinsley’s cock. Garrett goes off like a geyser, painting their pretty bottom’s face with a fresh batch of boy bust. He smacks his big dick across Silas’ spunk covered mug before plunging it back down that thirsty throat one more time. Josh and Garrett get a taste as they all go in for a final, cum covered kiss. This was definitely the perfect pool party!