Twinky New Year

Twinky New Year

30th December 2021 0 By danyx119


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Fancying a date on New Year’s Eve, Tim Moffie invites Mark Laysson to spend some quality moments outdoors with him before midnight. Neither of the two could be called ice skating professionals but at least they try to stay on their feet. We actually had a lot of fun shooting this video for you and hope you will enjoy it. Once our dating couple return to the apartment, they prepare for the last minutes of the year, although as the sexual tension between them is obvious, you’ll know this story will continue long after the actual fireworks. Let us use this space to express our gratitude to you for following us this year. We hope you have spent many moments with us filled with joy, love, good humor and excitement. We feel honored and lucky to have your support which encourages us to continue doing what we love the most. Have a fantastic time welcoming in the New Year! We wish you all the best in 2022! Love you all! The BelAmi and Freshmen Teams.